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Intercom System

360 IT Advanced Security supplies, installs and maintains intercom access control systems all over Ontario, Canada. Be it a standalone store or a large residential or commercial building, we believe installing an intercom system can help to improve two-way communication with your visitors, while maintaining proper security at all times. Intercom systems help in transmitting and receiving audio and/or video transmissions to help you know better, who you’re granting access to into your property. Incorporated with state-of-art technology, our products include a range of intercom systems from simple audio-only intercom systems to more complex IP video intercom systems to meet the different commercial needs.

Intercom System

Door entry intercom systems can allow you to see, hear and speak to visitors before they enter your commercial premises. These intercom systems can connect two or more points using switches to convey messages within a building. With one push of a button, you can place one on one call or group call to convey the message conveniently. Our intercom systems provide a functional and effective way of screening all the visitors to your business and mitigate the potential risk associated with the opening the doors to unwanted visitors. Our extensive range of products and design options will help you achieve your security goals.